“Start a blog!” they all say.

They also tell anyone who elicits even a few chuckles to get into standup, they tell anyone who can play “Hot Cross Buns” to take up the piano… and normally, I resist these kind of blandishments.

But as it turns out, I DO write a lot stuff that is of an awkward length for facebook. And MAYBE somebody other than the people who are my facebook friends might want to see things that I write. So, uh, here we are.

Use the categories. I do!

Three categories of things that are going up immediately are:

  • My birthday lectures. I give a lecture on my birthday. Sometimes people hear about them and want to read them. You can find them here.
  • Recreational anarchronisms. It’s a game I play where I create plausible(-ish) genealogies for contemporary cultural artifacts as if they existed some time in the past. I create series with rules-sets. Further explication of the concept and links here.
  • Things I get published places. Here.

And I might cross-post various stuff that I would just post to facebook, especially if it’s long and has to do with things other than just my personal life.

2017 update

I now put up little book reviews!


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