Every now and again, somebody else publishes something I write.

A Red With An FBI Badge Jacobin, June 2014. This one is about James Ellroy and the peculiar way the personal and the political work together to create the nightmare-world of his best works.

Neal Stephenson’s Ideal Forms Los Angeles Review of Books, August 2015. Roughly like my Ellroy piece, except about scifi writer Neal Stephenson (and, thereby, a whole different set of literary and political commitments, etc.).

Occupation With a Human Face Jacobin, December 2015. On Montgomery McFate and her place in the selling of counterinsurgency to the public.

“Foul, Small-Minded Deities”: on Giorgio de Maria’s “The Twenty Days of Turin” Los Angeles Review of Books, February 2017. On the recently-translated Italian weird fiction classic.

The Internet Wars Come To Print Los Angeles Review of Books, July 2017. On Angela Nagle’s “Kill All Normies” and the way we read the alt-right.

100 Best Dystopian Books The Vulture, August 2017. I contribute to this list of short descriptions of dystopian works.

The Dark Forest and Its Discontents Los Angeles Review of Books, May 2018. On Liu Cixin’s “Death’s End” and the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” series generally.

It’s Not Just Red States vs Blue States Jacobin, March 2019. A review of Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer’s “Fault Lines,” which attempts to write the history of America in the late-20th/early-21st century.

The Far-Right Roots of “Straight Pride” Dissent, June 2019. Revealing “Straight Pride” as the latest rebrand for the East Coast’s fumbling far right.

Why Populism Is Not A Gateway Drug To Fascism Los Angeles Review of Books, July 2020. A review of a book about fascism, populism, and lies.

Review of Hagerman’s “White Kids” San Antonio Review, July 2020. A review of a sociological work about the racial ideas of upper-middle-class white kids.

Age of Illusion DigBoston, August 2020. A review of Andrew Bacevich’s The Age of Illusions, a history of the US in the late twentieth/early twenty-first century.

A Seemingly Endless Recitation of Events DigBoston, September 2020. A review of Rick Perlstein’s Reaganland, a real slog of a book.

Anti-fascism Versus Anti-Extremism Los Angeles Review of Books, October 2020. I review two books on combating the far right, one from a radical antifascist perspective and the other from a liberal anti-extremist one.

The Rise of Border Fascism Dissent, November 2020. A review of Brendan O’Connor’s Blood Red Lines and his concept of “border fascism.”

Review of Black Radical DigBoston, November 2020. A review of Kerri Greenidge’s biography of William Monroe Trotter.

Myths Over History Full Stop, December 2020. Partially a review of Ben Teitelbaum’s War For Eternity, but more my takes on the concept of Traditionalism and what it means now.

Review of What Tech Calls Thinking DigBoston, December 2020. A review of Adrian Daub’s exposition of the “intellectual bedrock” of Silicon Valley.

Review of A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary DigBoston, January 2021. A review of an early source for covid-history.

Review of Ideal Minds San Antonio Review, March 2021. A review of a fascinating work of criticism/intellectual history of the seventies by Michael Trask.

Disaster and Bureaucracy DigBoston, March 2021. A review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s entry into the “climate fiction” sweepstakes.

Berard Reviews the Next World War San Antonio Review, March 2021. The fine folks at SAR let me review “2034,” a real piece of shit of war prognostication.

The Everyday, Between Revolution and Reaction Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2021. A review of Marc Stears’s book on “ordinary life” as a source of inspiration for the center-left.

Beyond Belief Amongst the Millennials Full Stop, June 2021. Wherein I discuss millennial spirituality, uber-creep Josh Hawley, and where our fractious culture goes from here.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cold War Culture DigBoston, June 2021. A review of Louis Menand’s humdinger doorstop The Free World, and when liberal historiography has its place.

What’s Alternate in Alternate History? DigBoston, August 2021. A discussion of alternate history fiction occasioned by P. Djèlí Clark’s steampunk fantasy Master of Djinn.

The Nazarene, the Backlot Cowboy, and Us DigBoston, October 2021. I have a look at Kristen Kobes Du Mez’s Jesus and John Wayne and the difficulties of evangelical history.


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